Let's take a look in the "model-page" page element.

If you add the "model-page" tag the XML file, a wizard-page like this will open:

So you can selected one or more POJO's. And the code generation will run to all of them.

Wizards - Template

You just have to create two files: model.xml (wizard configuration file), model.vm (Velocity template)

Create the model.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <title>HelloWorld EclipseWork</title>

		<model-page type="java" required="true">
			<description>Select some POJO</description>

        <component-page >
        	<description>Some description here</description>

			<container name="folder" label="Folder Output: " type="folder" />


        	<template component="." expression="${model.name}" velocity="model.vm" extension="txt" container="folder" />

Create the model.vm Template:

#foreach($f in $pojo.fields)
	$f.name $f.type 

The velocity template just prints all the properties of the selected POJO.

The wizard will create two files: Pessoa.txt and Grupo.txt. Because I've selected this two POJO's

Note that you can create entire CRUD applications for your Domain Model in few minutes.